Expert teams for successful implementation of IT projects of any complexity
Thanks to the extensive experience of the 'Austromyrtus' team, we provide a reliable foundation for achieving high business results within projects of any level of complexity
Our transformational strategy carefully constructs a path towards achieving goals, considering necessary stages

Our solutions guarantee maximum economic and operational efficiency for businesses
A comprehensive approach to implementation
High business efficiency is a priority
Our systematic approach to transformation ensures continuous monitoring of operational metrics and constant improvement of business outcomes
Successful digital transformation
Platform solutions accelerate and ensure transparency in achieving set goals

The approach of the company 'Austromyrtus' contributes to the modernization of businesses, taking into account the latest industry trends

'Austromyrtus' is a Russian IT systems development company. Our team consists of outstanding IT professionals with extensive experience in delivering operations support systems and business support systems.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of digitization and changes in consumer behavior, the requirements for services are constantly evolving. The effective implementation of innovations and the speed of adaptation by communication operators directly depend on the successful construction of a digital ecosystem and the rapid response to changing demand.

The 'Austromyrtus' team has extensive experience, a strong corporate culture, and significant resources, which contribute to the transformation of our clients' businesses, ensuring their continuous growth and high profitability.

Customer Engagement
Digital Business Support Systems (Digital BSS)
'Austromyrtus' helps its clients transition to individualized customer interaction and ensures a smooth transition to omnichannel service
We help our clients automate sales processes and increase revenue, as well as accelerate the acquisition of new partners
Digital Opertaion Support Systems (Digital OSS)
Cloud Platform
Our knowledge and experience contribute to enhancing business efficiency through process automation and the rapid provision of digital services
By developing cloud platforms, our clients, with the support of 'Austromyrtus,' ensure the reliability of services and systems, seamless operation, easy scalability, and flexibility of their business
Advanced Analytics Platform
Integration & API Management Systems
In the development of client analytical platforms, 'Austromyrtus' transforms data from various sources, provides visual representation, and aids in decision-making aimed at improving key business performance indicators (KPIs) and operational activities
By creating standardized APIs, 'Austromyrtus' enables the integration of new solutions quickly and reliably, without additional costs
Product expertise
Our professional services
Technological and business consulting
Implementation of DevOps practices
Operational support and managed services
We provide the opportunity to utilize cutting-edge DevOps methodologies, tools, and processes to ensure continuous development of solutions and improve the quality of operational support
We offer a wide range of services, including solution maintenance and support, hosting, and comprehensive outsourcing. This ensures uninterrupted performance, high efficiency, and security of operational and business processes
Information security
Training and workshops
We ensure reliable protection of confidential data and infrastructure, guaranteeing the security of software, multi-cloud environments, network solutions, and service delivery processes
We offer the creation of personalized educational programs for each client, aimed at maximizing the effective use of our solutions within the company 'Austromyrtus'
Implementation of turnkey transformation programs
We assist in identifying the appropriate operational model, adapting business processes to the requirements of new solutions, and unlocking the full potential of transformational projects
Our flexible implementation model selection methods, based on Agile methodologies, provide comprehensive project management for implementing solutions from various vendors
Our technologies
Java, SpringBoot, Quarkus, GoLang, Python, Camel
JavaScript, React, React Native, Angular, Vue
Cloud, Microservices, Kubernetes, Openshift
PostgreSQL, Kafka, Cassandra, NiFi

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